Custom Computer Assembly

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There are a lot of options out there when shopping for a new computer, and so many things to consider performance, aesthetics, energy consumption, noise level, size, and connectivity to name a few.

Why compromise by buying an off the shelf solution?

With a custom build from ReBoot you can rest assured that each and every component that goes into making it will be a trustworthy and reliable choice not just the few parts that go into the advertisement, and that it will be built by hand with care and meticulous effort to create a clean wire managed high end solution for any application.

Designed and built just for you

Each custom build starts with a free consultation where we will discuss your goals and preferences so that we understand exactly what you are looking fo.

After that we begin our parts search and quoting process which typically takes from 24-48 hours depending on the complexity of the build. Once the quote is accepted and a deposit is made the parts are ordered and staged for assembly.

We invite any of our custom build customers to join us while we build

We are crazy passionate about building our own PC’s and we know that you are too We invite any of our custom build customers to join us while we build yours and participate and learn as we go through the full build process from unboxing to wire management to stress testing and overclocking.

We can build a variety of devices for you

Gaming, Home Theater, under kitchen counter mounted, AiO (All in One), workstations, CAD Stations, space savers, Digital Currency Mining Rigs, Front desk/Reception conversation Pieces, Industrial applications (high heat and dust environments) – all built to your specifications and needs

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